Pro Stage Presence

Pro Stage Presence

Sunday 25th February 2018
Casey x

Hey all!

So every year, there are loads of hair and beauty conventions, attracting hairdressers from all over the country, and sometimes, the world!

For us hairdressers, its an amazing time of year! We get to come to these exhibitions and either show off our skills, or watch others showcase some of the best work in the industry!

At least once a year, i've always been lucky enough to show case all of the creative ideas i have in my mind on stage in front of hundreds of hairdressers. It's something that i absolutely love doing, i get such a buzz from being on stage with a great team of creatives and sharing my ideas with my industry peers! I love being introduced on stage by the compare and them interviewing me as i work on an artistic creation!

With opening the salon this year, that didn't leave much scope to do these shows as they take so much preparation. Sometimes, months of time goes into preparing for shows. But a month before Pro Hair Live, i was scouted from the PR company that runs the event to see if i would like to be a host! Well, i couldn't believe it! I was so chuffed! Normally, you'll find industry legends hosting on stage, so to be asked was a HUGE honour!

I arrived early on the Sunday to prepare for the day ahead. I was going to be on a stage presenting barbering skills all day! I got to host barbering legends like Sid Sottung, Christian Wiles and Schorem, which was AMAZING as its a world i'm not heavily involved in! I also got to host my home boy, Jamie Hill, of Jamie Hill salon (Swansea), which was so awesome!!! I used to be Jamie's assistant about 10 years ago, so this was an brilliant experience to be back on stage with Jamie and his uber cool team!

Safe to say, i had a bloody brilliant time! The best bit of it all, i got to learn some amazing new techniques whilst being on stage with these legends that i can use on all of you amazing clients!

Until next time CHAIR heads! <3