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3rd October , 2022 03 / 10 / 2022 Monday, 3rd October
YOU’RE NOT ALONE™️ . I love being early at the salon loves, but I always jump out of my skin if someone else is in the same time, or worse…. I spot a dolls head 😂 . All the hair salon banter! . LIKE COMMENT FOLLOW FOR MORE . #hairdresserproblems #hairdresserlife #behindthechair #hairstylist #instahair #hjloves . @hairbrained_official @behindthechair_com @hairdressersjournal
23rd September , 2022 23 / 09 / 2022 Friday, 23rd September
TRACY’S BACK™️ . WHO REMEMBERS TRACY? . First I hurled insults at her, then she told me she wanted a change but not to cut anything off… now we are here. Getting our perm on! . **we did do a live on TT but it got taken down so lost the footage** . . @hairdressersjournal @creativeheadmag @hairbrained_official @behindthechair_com @beautylaunchpad . #hairdresser #hairdresserlife #hairdresserproblems #behindthechair #hairbrained #beautylaunchpad #hjloves #cardiff #cardiffhair
21st September , 2022 21 / 09 / 2022 Wednesday, 21st September
INFLATION™️ . Babes… we get it. It’s a tough ass time atm, and with more increases due on energy bills etc, all I can suggest is that you live within your means . That might mean going longer between appointments, using cheaper hair care or having a different service at the salon. . Either way, I’m sure your stylist is there to support you in any way they can! . Money saving tips?? Drop them below hun . #hairdresser #hairsalon #hairdresserlife #hairdresserproblems #hairbrained #behindthechair #hjloves #cardiffhair #cardiffhairdresser . @hairdressersjournal @behindthechair_com @beautylaunchpad
20th September , 2022 20 / 09 / 2022 Tuesday, 20th September
I WANT JLO HAIR!™️ . WHO else always gets this reference?? . I love this @jlo reference, and I think I could’ve done it if my client didn’t have colour on her hair already. . (Colour cost £325 for 5 hours work) @goldwelluki @framar @cooboard used 🖤 . @hairdressersjournal @creativeheadmag @colourworlduk @goldwelluki @behindthechair_com @hairbrained_official . #hairtransformation #hairhelp #hairmakeover #badhair #haircolour #colourtransformation #blondehair #hairgoals #behindthechair #hairbrained #hjloves #hjcolourreel #cardiff #cardiffhair
18th September , 2022 18 / 09 / 2022 Sunday, 18th September
5 KEY HAIR PRODUCTS™️ . Hair care is vital to take care of your hair and style it how ever you’d like. . Shampoo & conditioner - non-negotiable, these should sit in line with what hair type you have and what you need to fix/protect. . Wet product - This is something that will either enhance your blow dry or your natural hair. Try using a multipurpose product so you get as much out of your wet product as possible. . Dry product - This for me is only essential if you need to assist your hair once it’s dry. You could use something to smooth, add texture or hold. . Heat defence - Mostly everyone needs a heat defence. The only people that don’t, are the people that NEVER use any kind of heat. So no dryer, diffuser, iron, tong, wand etc. . I hope this helps! If you have any questions, leave them below 🥰 . #hairhelp #hairtutorial #hairadvice #hairdresserlife #behindthechair #hjloves #cardiffhair #hairsalon