Services & Prices

Listen up chair heads... we need to give you a few words of wisdom
before you go ahead and book an appointment at CHAIR salons:

- All colour services require a skin test at least 48hours prior to your appointment.
- All colour services require either a cut and finish, or just a finish.
- A deposit is non-refundable but transferable providing we have a minimum 7 days notice. The deposit will
be lost if the appointment is amended or cancelled 7 days or less than the original appointment.
- Any last minute cancellation will be noted and you could be asked to provide payment
upfront for any future appointments.
- If you require a big change, please bare in mind that it may
take more than one appointment. We will always aim to be
100% honest about the reality of colour correction.
- We are a gender neutral salon, so the cost of your service will depend
on what hair you have, not what gender you identify as.
- We will always advise and work with you to make sure that
whatever we do, is 100% suitable to you and your needs.
- If you identify as non-binary, please make us aware so we can use the correct
pronouns, just to ensure you feel completely and utterly comfortable.


A little hair MOT does everyone good! Thats what this service is for, to maintain and strengthen your hair to leave you feeling lush! The prices are based on what hair you have, not what gender or age you are, so let us celebrate your individuality!

Hair Cut Above Ear 47.50
Hair Cut 62.50
Restyle +10


Your hair is the crown you wear everyday, so why not make sure it's at its best? Thats what you'll get with this service... gorgeous looking hair colour, regardless of whether is natural or creative!

Semi permanent 57.50
Permanent roots 57.50
Permanent full 70.00
Foils partial 57.50
Foils half 67.50
Foils full short 62.50 per hour
Foils full medium 62.50 per hour
Foils full long 62.50 per hour
Bleach root 62.50 per hour
Bleach full head 62.50 per hour
Balayage / Contour / Ombre / Freehand colour 62.50 per hour
Creative Colour 62.50 per hour
Toner(wet) 15.00
Toner(dry) 30.00


This service is purely to treat yourself. Wear it up, wear it down, wear it all around! We'll make sure that whatever the event or occasion, you'll look like you've been "CHAIR'ed!"

Short styling Above jaw 37.50
Long styling Below jaw 47.50
Up styling 60.00
Bridal hair 80.00
Conditioning treatment 15.00
Bond pro 22.50
Innoluxe 20.00
Colour serum treatment 7.50

** Prices may vary depending on the hair, time and risk involved **