Thursday 5th April 2018
Casey x

Hey everyone!

So this month at Chair salons, we're campaigning for a fun way to approach skin testing. I know, skin testing sounds boring right?

As hairdressers, we often get clients come through the door that want a colour there and then, and that's pretty hard to turn down! But the fact of the matter is that we can't and shouldn't be colouring hair if clients haven't recently had a skin test from the brand of colour about to be used.

We've heard it all before... "I've never had a reaction!", "I'm in a rush and i can only get it done today!" or "Don't worry about that cut, i'm more concerned about getting my roots done!"

But on the rare occasion, somebody will have an unexpected reaction! That leaves you (the client) in a dangerous position, sometimes life threatening, and it leaves us (the hairdresser) responsible.

We don't want anything to go wrong with any chemical process that our clients have, so that's why we're throwing a party for the whole month or April!! A #PatchTestParty where you guys can pop in whenever you like to get patch tested for colour, and in return, receive 10% or £10 off of your next colour bill (whichever is more)!!

Not only are we offering money off colour... if you decide to take home any hair care, we will give you additional FREE products to take home too!!

We hope you can come along and support colour safety and celebrate out #PatchTestParty month! <3